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Welcome to TradeOnlyStamps.Com.

The place to be if you want to exchange/swap stamps with other collectors World Wide.

Just new here... Feel free to Join the Club and get in contact with stamp collectors around the globe.

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Below a brief explanation of this website.


First of all it's important to login with your name, email-address and home country. Fill them in at the upper-right corner of this website...

Reason to login is to make it you as member or visitor easy to navigate the website. By remembering your name, email-address and home country you don't have to fill in these every time you want to contact a advertiser.

Join TradeOnlyStamps.Com

When you want to join the website with a free ad just click on 'Join now' and fill in the complete form.

Please remember that TradeOnlyStamps.Com is a website to exchange/swap stamps, FDC's, Sheets, etc...

Sorry, but advertisements with banknotes, coins or anything else will not be published on the website.

Also requests to sell your collection will not be added. Please use eBay or Delcampe to sell your stamps.

Change, delete and Feedbacks

After you logged in, the website will check if you have any ads/feedbacks on TradeOnlyStamps.Com. A overview is displayed in the same right corner.

As a member you can click on 'Open your ad(s)' to check, change or delete your active ad(s).

'Check your feedbacks' will give you an overview of all your received and given feedbacks.

Search website

On the homepage you can search directly for your needs or what you have to offer. After clicking 'Search' all ads which meet your needs/supply will be shown.

If you want to search more specific please use the 'Advanced Search' option.

Contact Advertiser

After you searched the website and selected an ad you have the possibility to contact this person.

Click on the tab 'Contact' and fill in the form and send your messages to the advertiser.


If you already made an exchange/swap and you want to leave a feedback then you click on the tab 'Feedbacks'. Rate your exchange and fill in a small description.

If you experienced a bad exchange or want to leave a negative feedback please try to solve the problem first with advertiser. Otherwise contact TradeOnlyStamps.Com or fill in the feedback-form. After I received your complain/bad experience I will try to contact the advertiser and ask to solve the problem first before the feedback will be published.


Every two weeks I will publish an (online) Newsletter containing the latest listings. All new ads will be published in the newsletter once.

On the homepage you can find the link to the latest newsletter and to the previous newsletters and if you subscribed for the newsletter I will mail you an reminder that the new newsletters is online.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting/using TradeOnlyStamps.Com. If you still have questions/suggestions please let me know by using this form.


Drevis Uitterdijk

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